Disney Pin Trading (We don’t trade, we buy!)

Check our Disney pin collection so far! It’s a total addiction! The idea behind pin trading is, well, to trade, but we just end up buying everything we want LOL. And the problem with buying is that there is no use trading! Why would we buy something to be traded? Well, maybe one day we will miss out on something that we really want…but there is always eBay 😉

There is a story behind every pin we’ve bought so it’s really hard for us to trade anything we have!


2 thoughts on “Disney Pin Trading (We don’t trade, we buy!)

  1. Don’t you love it when someone approaches you asking you to trade, and when you say “I don’t trade” you get the weirdest look from them? What’s really annoying is when they want one of my exclusive/limited pins for some throwaway they got for free.

    • We started buying any old pins we thought were cool, but it got to the point where we seem to only buy passholder exclusives or limited editions… which reminds me, I forgot to post my limited edition Cars Land 4-pin set… anyways, now we get more and more interest since we carry a lot of pins many didn’t have access to.

      BTW thanks, again for the Mermaid key and the “May the 4th Be With You” pin!

      We ended up buying the Mr. Toad key for friggin $67!!!!

      Man, SheryAnne and I seriously need some help!

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