Shaun x Lexus IS250

We planned to go to a bunch of museums down south this past Memorial Weekend so I bought all of my photography gear with us. Our plans got messed up and was upset that I brought all this gear with no occasion to use it. So I decided to do a quick and spontaneous photo shoot of my cousin and his new car. What a total OC brat!

18 year olds shouldn’t be driving luxury cars!


2 thoughts on “Shaun x Lexus IS250

  1. I don’t mind that he drives that car. As long as that’s the car he’s using to be our designated driver! Muahahahahahahaha

    • Yah man he can drive out and watch us while we consume dranks at the land of Disney and then he can drive us to M&M Donuts for some Dorito Tacos and Blueberry Donuts!

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