Warriors! What a great season!

This year was different from past seasons for us! We made a commitment to go to more of the games this year – we only missed 5 out of the 42+ games and we attended all of the playoff games this year! We also got to share our love of the Warriors with more friends! We got to know more of our season ticket holder neighbors, Ray went to a few games with us, and we also discovered that Rommel and Rebecca were hardcore fans like we were! Making the playoffs and winning the first round was simply icing on the cake! What a year! We can’t wait for the next season to begin!

















Splash Brothers.
Klay ups.
Easter Island.
David Lee All-Star.
Curry 54 pts in NY.
Warriors Ground.
Chicken Nuggets.
Just us.

Man, what an emotional season. Feels strange not to be at Oracle almost every other night! haha


Busy Fall and Winter!

I hope to return to regularly updating my blog! This fall and winter has been very busy for us – in a great way! It’s the usual suspects this time of year – family gatherings, Disneyland trips, and Warrior games! If you haven’t been following me on Instagram, you should! That’s the best way to see what has been happening on a daily basis.

Some iPhone pics from the past few weeks…











Playing with Light

I’m finally finding some free time to play around with the SB-910 and the 14-24mm lens I recently purchased! I’ve been doing a lot of reading on ways to use light and started playing around.

One of my RC cars gets to be my first test subject. It’s hard to believe I used to have over 24 RC cars!

The cake topper from our wedding almost 10 years ago (Our 10-year anniversary is June 1st!):

My favorite Warriors hat:

Here is the makeshift studio I created to take these shots (black Warriors t-shirt and a black laptop sleeve) LOL:

I didn’t know how easy it was to black out background light using creative combinations of shutter, aperture, and ISO. Truly awesome!

I can’t believe I went this long without a flash! It’s turning out to be a ton of fun to play with. Also, this 14-24mm lens is quickly becoming my favorite lens! I love the artistic capabilities of this lens.

…Ebay photos here I come! Haha!

Warriors Autograph Signing Event

If the Warriors didn’t make the playoffs this year, ownership promised to hold an exclusive event for season ticket holders where we could meet the players and have them sign autographs.

We were not allowed to shoot any pictures or video at the signing tables, but I managed to sneak some video by leaving my camera running while hanging it around my neck LOL (sorry so shaky)! Unfortunately, I didn’t think of doing this until after we had met all the guards so the only videos I have are of the centers and forwards.

We managed to get two full sets of photos signed by all the players! It was an awesome event!

Here are more Warrior iPhone photos we took throughout the season! They don’t allow large cameras in the arena which is why all the photos are bad quality 😦

Mullin’s #17 Jersey Retirement :(

I’m pissed that the crowd AND Lacob ruined Mullin’s special day.

1. Regardless of the fans’ dissatisfaction with Lacob, it was Mully’s night and the fans shouldn’t have destroyed his jersey retirement ceremony.
2. Lacob was an idiot for thinking it was a good idea to be the last speaker at the ceremony. He should have spoken first or simply not have spoken at all.
3. Lacob is the only reason we are able to retire Mullin’s jersey. Cohan regime didn’t give a rats ass about Mullin and gave him the shaft.
4. I liked the trade and it seems like the majority of Warriors fan do too. I think the booing came from all the flat-brimmed hat wearing, under 30 crowd. Most of them like to boo just to boo.
5. The “greatest fans in the NBA” …I don’t think so.

In the end, it was all bad timing on everyone’s part. And for the record, I wasn’t booing. And I was pleading to those around me who were, to stop.

As a HUGE Mullin fan, and a die-hard Warrior fan, I was really gutted when this happened. Almost brought me to tears – no joke. Mullin acted with class and tried to save Lacob…and when you thought the situation couldn’t get worse, booya, Rick Barry makes an ass of himself and retaliates to the fans.

Ugh…such an un-proud moment. I was just telling SheryAnne that I was really looking forward to this ceremony as it would probably be one of the few “jersey retirements” we would see in our lifetimes. What a mess.