I love you, Nikon, but…

…you really screwed up by using two different card formats for the D4 and D800! It’s ridiculous that I must have all this gear to fully utilize both card slots on my D4.

Being the tech-forward type, I never liked how equipment is made to be legacy compatible. I think it hinders technology and development. XQD is clearly a superior format to CF – Nikon should have made users switch over by having dual XQD card slots instead of an XQD and CF slot in their D4. Who cares if their customers have investments in CF? They will get over it and fully appreciate the faster performance of XQD!

Likewise, with the D800, which makes even less sense, has a CF slot and an SD slot! Jeez…just pick one format and your users will be much happier! Ugh!

{end rant}


Testing the Kit!

We did about 5+ miles of walking today along the Embarcadero so I thought I would do a bit of street photography. This was a good time for me to try to carry my entire kit. My Think Tank Shape Shifter Backpack was loaded with my D4, trinity zoom lenses, and 50mm. We made the trek from the Ferry Building, to Fisherman’s Wharf, and back. Here are some shots I took…

Now that I’ve fired off a few hundred shots, I can make some legitimate comparisons to the D800. I’m finding the D4 fits my hands better. With the D800, I would suffer hand fatigue after shooting for a few hours. With the D4, I could go much further. This is probably because the D800+Grip seems to be much heavier than the D4. I’m getting WAY more keepers on the D4 than the D800. Bad technique or bad D800? I’m thinking I had a bad D800…but I’ll leave that for another blog post. It’s easy for anyone to say it was the camera – but in my case, I truly think that the AF system was not calibrated at the factory (and at factory repair) correctly. If you read any of my previous blog posts, I shared a few excerpts that the AF system on my D800 was way off. Nikon verified that I had an issue after sending in test shots. I sent it in for repair, (I didn’t have the camera for a whole month) and the camera came back improved, but nowhere near where I thought it should be. Since I am an amateur, I didn’t make too much of a fuss and, naturally, I thought it was just poor technique, so I tried to work through it to no avail. After months of struggling with it, I finally succumbed to accepting the fact that the AF on my D800 was defective. And now that I have the D4, it truly verifies that it really wasn’t me. The proof is in the pudding and my shots are now tack sharp (because my AF is actually hitting the targets!) Wait, I thought I was going to leave the rant for another blog post! I’ll still put up a post on the whole fiasco – it really left a sour taste in my mouth – so much that it made me spend the additional $3000 for the D4! LOL Nevertheless…it’s all behind me now and my current setup is giving me the confidence I had lost when I owned the D800.

Oh, so back to the quick D800 comparison. The D4 viewfinder is much brighter and less invasive. Hard to explain unless you have seen both. Low light AF is a lot more accurate and quick to acquire focus on the D4. The poor low light AF on the D800 could have been my defective body, however. The LCD is much brighter on the D4. You can actually read it in full daylight. The D800 was hardly readable in full daylight. The D4 is much quieter than the D800. Every time I released the shutter on the D800 it sounded like an axe chopping wood! The D4 is pretty loud as well, but the D800 was much louder.

The D800 is no slouch. But I can see a big difference in overall ergonomics, build quality, capability, and performance. Is it worth the $3000 premium over the $3000 D800? Certainly not in my situation, but if you are working professional I think the D800 is a PERFECT studio camera while the D4 is a PERFECT all-around camera.

More reviews, comparisons, and details to come!

Nikon D4 – Unboxing

Only one camera could replace my D800: the Nikon D4!

I can’t wait to try out the 10fps spray and pray goodness this camera has to offer! Actually, the feature I am most interested in is the iPad control. What am I going to use it for? I dunno! Who cares! It’s just super cool! Haha!

Sold the Nikon D800!

36MP turned out to be way too much for my style of shooting. Processing batches of 200+ photos each time turned out to be so frustratingly time consuming that I decided a change was needed.

I placed what I had for sale on eBay and it sold instantly!

Buh-bye D800, you were a great camera, but not quite the type for me 😦

I’m still here!

I haven’t blogged much lately. I’ve simply been too busy. But here is a weak ass recap of the past few weeks!

Bought, played, and finished Diablo III! Now I’m playing harder levels. It’s been great playing with Daph and Dave, and also with my cousins Stephen, Maria, Matthew, and Reggie!

After a day out at Disneyland, we chilled with my cousins…

Yes, we went to Disneyland 3 days in a row. Disneyland Premium AP Snobs…

Another Disneyland Premium AP Snob pic LOL…

We usually go to Hawaii every year, but this year we will be going to Texas! LOL It will be our first F1 race and it will be the inaugural USGP at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin! Six world champions will be racing: Schumacher, Alonso, Raikkonen, Vettel, Hamilton, and Button! It sold out in under a day but I was able to buy some tickets before they were available to the public! We will be sitting at Turn 3.

Riley slept over the other day – iPad in hand, this boy was happy! He got to stay up two hours past his bedtime!

I bought SheryAnne a Polaroid 300 camera! I kinda want one for myself now! LOL

There were a lot of announcements at WWDC this year. I was really stoked about the new MacBook Pro 15″ with Retina display! I was ready to order it so I configured it the way I wanted it…uh, $4000+? I’ll have to pass. 😦

I bought more hard drives for our home server. I wonder how long it will take to use up 8TB of storage? Muwahaha!

A quick snap of all my camera gear! But, wait a sec… Where is my camera? I actually sent it in for repair of an auto focus issue. Center AF points are dead on, but as you move to the outer points, AF becomes less accurate. It seems to be a known issue with some owners. It doesn’t surprise me that I have the issue being that my serial number indicates it was one of the first off the production line.

And the most disturbing picture of this post, our Vinylmation collection as of today!