Be prepared for a few, long overdue blog posts! This is the first of many “catch up” posts! Since my last post in January, I have spent a lot of time birding. Most of sites I visited have been in the San Francisco Presidio and around my neighborhood! I’ve been spending some time with my new Nikon D4s and 300mm f/2.8 lens. If you follow my IG, I usually post these shots along with descriptions of the bird and where I shot them.

DSC_2157 - Version 2

DSC_1776 - Version 2


DSC_2320 - Version 3

DSC_2171 - Version 2

DSC_0156 - Version 2

DSC_1498 - Version 2


DSC_1800 - Version 2

DSC_2102 - Version 2

DSC_1638 - Version 2