I’ve been on a sneaker kick these past few weeks. Here are a few I picked up so far. (Thanks, @eatntae, for all the tips!)

Nike Jordan XI “Bred” Retro Quickstrike. These are the shoes that idiots are shooting each other over LOL. I missed out on the Jordan XI “Concord” from last year, so I made sure I wasn’t going to miss out on this release!




Nike Kobe 8 (VIII) System “Christmas” Quickstrike. Kobe, Lebron, and Durant will be wearing special edition “Christmas” shoes tonight. I almost bought the whole set, but I figured getting the Kobe version was good enough.




After getting these two Limited Edition shoes, I plan on getting a few more Quickstrike LEs so I can sport them at Disneyland and at Warrior games! We have a bunch of sneaker-head season ticket holders that sit near us so it will be cool to play with them 🙂

UPDATE (12/25 6pm):

I just landed a pair of Nike Jordan IX “Johnny Kilroy” Retro Quickstrikes! Remember the promos back in the day?

I wanted all six colorways, but I decided on the most versatile pair so I could wear them casually. Besides, the Johnny Kilroy colorway has the most unique bits to it.




I bought these Puma Mercedes Petronas GP shoes specifically to use for my racing rig at home!




Pretty cool that they have Benz logos on the rear lip!

I have been getting up at 4am to get these shoes! It’s been a long time since I was collecting shoes…but I’m hooked again! The culture and method to get these limited edition shoes has totally changed over the years. Now it’s all about getting up at 4am, having a twitter account, hashtags, reservations, etc. vs. the old method of waiting in line at your nearest shoe store. Either way, I hope to have fun with this in the next few months.

I have a few more LEs I want to pick up these next few days! See ya on the interwebs at 4am!


2 thoughts on “Sneakers!

  1. I like the Johnny Kilroy you got and was looking for the motorboat Jones…lol those kicks are dope some reason I love red shoes
    I was able to cop some pair of…….. but im still waiting for it

    • Yah motorboat jones are probably the most popular of the Kilroy series! Pretty cool if you snagged them – goes good with a 49ers kit!

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