I’ve been neglecting my blog because my iMac was in the shop for a hard drive recall.

The quick and simple:

I’ve been acquiring bits of photography gear, playing around, learning more and more each day. Obtained another backpack, ND 0.6 filter, filter pouches, spare battery, card readers, and another XQD card.

SheryAnne and I were totally caught up with the Giant’s playoff and World Series runs! I bought a new World Series cap and will be shopping for a jersey! Who’s number should I get?

Warrior season is upon us and we have been going to the games – just recently attended the home opener. It’s time for me to buy a new Warrior’s jersey as well! Who should I get?

We made a quick trip to Disneyland last week just before the Halloween decor went down! Awesome trip, as usual! Shaun and Reggie joined us!

We’ve been watching the F1 season unfold, getting us amped up for the F1 race in Austin! Way to go Kimi!

We got membership to the Walt Disney Family Museum in the Presidio – what an awesome museum!

I upgraded my Gaming Rig to Windows 8 Pro – what a cluster eff! I’m starting to understand it, but my gut tells me it will be a flop, just like Windows ME or Windows Vista. I haven’t had any problems with it – just another learning curve to go through.

SheryAnne and I both recently upgraded our phones to iPhone 5. Nothing special here.

More posts when I have a moment to breathe 🙂