So many announcements today…

…so many things I want!

Nikon 1 V2 – Everything the V1 should have been although I question the form factor. What made the V1 so great was that it was small. The V2 looks a bit chunky. The biggest pitfall with the V1 were the photographer-unfriendly controls. The V2 has proper controls.

Redesigned iMac 27″ – It’s been almost three years since I bought my 27″ iMac. It just seems to be the right time to upgrade. It won’t be released until December, so I have a little time to think about this purchase since it won’t be cheap!

iPad 4th Gen – I hate Apple for making my 6th month old iPad 3rd Gen obsolete. But I DO want the upgraded features the iPad 4th Gen has to offer. Apple really screwed the hardcore, early adopter fanboys like myself. Oh well. They will still get my money since I still truly believe they have the best product out there at the moment.

iPad Mini – It doesn’t cost an arm nor does it cost a leg. I may just buy one of these because it might be more versatile than a traditional iPad given its size.

13″ MacBook Pro Retina – Very, very low on my priority list. Would be cool to own, but price to usefulness ratio for my use case would be extremely poor.

First world decisions!

The likelihood of acquiring all this gear?
Nikon 1 V1 – 50% chance
iMac 27″ – 95%
iPad 4th Gen – 75%
iPad Mini – 75%
13″ MacBook Pro Retina – 10%

7 thoughts on “So many announcements today…

  1. I would like to get a MacBook w/retina for Christmas since my laptop bricked at the worst time on me. I was shooting a client with camera tethered to my laptop and it blue screened. I lost several killer images 😦 I’ve always been a PC guy but now it’s time to give Apple a try.

    • Ouch! I never understood why cameras couldn’t tether AND write to a card at the same time!

      You’ve known me for a long time – I am probably one of the biggest PC guys you have ever known (except for Ryan Smith LOL) As a tool, I have to say, a MacBook Pro lets you concentrate on your Photography and not on the computer. With a Windows based laptop, you have to deal with connectors, drivers, patches, updates, etc. all the time. With OSX, you don’t have to deal with it as much. The file system takes a little getting used to but overall, as a photography tool, I think MacBooks win hands down. Besides, if you really really really want Windows, you can virtualize it on the MacBook. You can’t virtualize OSX on Windows, however. No brainer decision if you are buying it for your photography.

  2. I was reading your reply above quickly and thought you called Ryan a tool LOL. so did you spec out your imac yet? Im wondering what you think the sweet spot is.

    • LOL I just re-read it and it does sound like I called him a tool hahaha

      I did spec out the iMac, but for me, its all or nothing. My current iMac is already similarly equipped except for the SSD. Configured with the $1300 SSD, its going to be over $4000 with Apple Care…so I am having a tough time pulling the trigger.

      For you, I suggest racking it out as well. The real factor affecting price is the storage solution you want to work with. With a standard spinning hard drive, you can have a fully loaded iMac for under $2500. I think the fusion drives “sound” like a good compromise, but I don’t want to be an early adopter for that kind of technology. Besides, you currently cant run Windows on fusion drives. I have a server with all of my working files. I keep my catalogs on my local drive, so I want the fastest possible performance on board. You have been running SSD for a few years now. You know all the benefits.

      1. Stick with the 27″ for two reasons…it’s bigger, and you can add RAM yourself
      2. Order your system with 8GB RAM and buy 32GB RAM from for $180. Apple charges $600 for the 32GB RAM upgrade.
      3. Pay the extra $200 for the faster processor.
      4. Pay the extra $150 for the bigger video card.
      5. Buy Apple Care for $170!!!! This is required IMHO since there are no user serviceable parts except for the RAM. I’ve had to use Apple Care for my iMac and the repair would have cost over $700 if I didn’t have it. (replaced logic board and power supply)
      6. Add another $50-$60 to your budget for Parallels or VMWare so you can run Windows within OSX
      7. Add another $100 for some sort of full time external USB hard drive for Time Machine backup.

      Damn all this talk makes me want to place the order now!

    • Apple Care adds another 2 years to your 1 year warranty. So you don’t necessarily need to buy it today, but be sure to buy it before the first year is up. My iMac board failed at 26 months but I have kept my iMac on 24×7 since I have owned it (Late 2009). YMMV.

  3. man why does Apple only give one SSD option? I’m leaning towards the fusion, the SSD option puts it way over budget. My plan is to keep the iMac a strictly editing only machine, work on current projects on the local drive then transfer to server afterwards. Speaking of which I also need a server, think I should piece out the drives in my PC?

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