Self Portrait

This is my first stab at a self portrait! I never knew how difficult it was! Hopefully this will be the first of many self portraits as I learn more and more about how to shoot these types of photos.

Man, what an ugly, aged and deteriorated mug! LOL Looks like I’ve been to hell and back. I guess this serves as evidence that I actually have!

The technology built in to the D4 system is amazing! I setup my D4 with my 24-70mm lens along with my SB-910 Speedlight. I mounted all of it on my Gitzo tripod. I had the D4 connected directly to my home network via ethernet where I was able fully control the camera using my iPad which was wirelessly connected to my network. Here was my setup:

My iPad let me control all aspects of exposure, focus, gave me a Live View preview, and also acted as a remote trigger! Both the iPad and my 27″ iMac let me instantly preview the photos as I was shooting them! This is what the controls look like on the iPad:

Nothing fancy. No fancy backgrounds or fancy lighting. I figure I need to learn some fundamentals before I start confusing the heck out of myself with multiple strobes. In fact, this portrait was taken while sitting at my desk in front of my computer! I hope to do more of these (with better setups) as my knowledge progresses.


2 thoughts on “Self Portrait

    • Hey Seb! Sweet! We should get sloshed with Will Buxton LOL Gonna be a race to remember since it’s the last time we will see MS and possibly the last time we will have Varsha Hobbs Matchett Buxton commentating (NBC bought F1 rights for next 4 years)

      Ray and I didnt use extenders. I hadn’t had any time to fine tune my lens with my 2x extender yet – and it definitely needs it from some quick tests shots I made with it.

      Ray’s camera doesn’t need it either…with his 36MP its like he has a built in extender already from cropping! LOL

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