I love you, Nikon, but…

…you really screwed up by using two different card formats for the D4 and D800! It’s ridiculous that I must have all this gear to fully utilize both card slots on my D4.

Being the tech-forward type, I never liked how equipment is made to be legacy compatible. I think it hinders technology and development. XQD is clearly a superior format to CF – Nikon should have made users switch over by having dual XQD card slots instead of an XQD and CF slot in their D4. Who cares if their customers have investments in CF? They will get over it and fully appreciate the faster performance of XQD!

Likewise, with the D800, which makes even less sense, has a CF slot and an SD slot! Jeez…just pick one format and your users will be much happier! Ugh!

{end rant}