Nikon D4 – WiFi / Network Camera Control (Amazing!)

A super trick feature of the Nikon D4 is that you can control the camera with an iPad, iPhone, Mac or PC, or any other web browsing device via WiFi or Ethernet!

The D4 has it’s own web server and can act as an ftp client. This allows you to control the camera using live view and download images. It also gives you the ability to have up to 5 devices watch a live stream of the actual shots you are taking, including the ability to download the images on the fly!

Here is my iPad controlling the camera. I don’t have the Nikon WT-5A wireless dongle for the camera since it costs $900! (There are hack jobs that others have come up with for under $150 using mobile routers and batteries.) So the D4 is connected via Ethernet to my network while my iPad is connected via WiFi:

Here is my iMac controlling the camera:

And here is the iMac controlling the camera while the iPad is viewing a live feed of the photos being taken by the camera:

Here are the actual screen grabs from the iPad:

Yes, I was birding! LOL 10fps is amazing for wildlife!

This setup would be amazing in a studio or in an environment where the subject or client would like to see the stream of pictures being shot.

Oh boy…so many features to explore!


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  1. The tablet control is awesome. Makes me want to upgrade my D800. Actually, I’m tempted to sell my D800 and buy the D600. I too find the 36 MP to be just a few too many….

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