Tamiya TA06 Pro – Complete!

Now time to play! The best part of any build is it’s first run to get the suspension tuned. Once that is all set up nicely, I look forward to programming the speed controller! I bought a programmable interface for the ESC which allows me to plug it in to a PC. I can’t wait for them to come out with an iPad app – that would be awesome!

…let’s see how long before I build another RC car!


3 thoughts on “Tamiya TA06 Pro – Complete!

    • Tamiya TA06 Pro $250
      Tekin RS ESC + 21.5T Brushless Sensored Motor $250
      Airtronics MX Sport TX/RX $100
      Airtronics High Torque Servo $35
      Tamiya Type A Tires + Soft Inserts $25
      Tamiya Honda HSV Body $45
      Miscellaneous Paints, Glues, Soldering, Materials, Etc. $50

      $750-800 total but I didn’t have much to begin with. If you are already into the hobby, you might already have lots of the electronics and radio gear.

      3-4 hours to build the chassis.
      4-5 hours in painting and decals.
      1-2 hours to do all the soldering, electronics, and wiring.

      Keep in mind that I have built over a dozen RC cars so I really know what I’m doing. If you are a beginner, plan on about 5-6 hours to build and another 5-6 hours to do the body.

  1. Thanks — that’s a big help. Less than I expected.

    And I’m find with just a simple matte-black paint job so that would probably will save me 3-4 hours 🙂

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