More Progress Pictures of my Tamiya TA06 Pro Build

My electronics arrived today! While waiting for all of it to arrive, I finished up the lexan body…

I used a body reamer to cut out the holes for the body posts.

This body required a two step paint process. I had to mask the windows, then mask everything else except the black areas, spray the black, remove the mask, and then spray the violet.

Once the paint was complete, I had to remove the protective outer film and start applying the decals.

The kit came with LED light buckets. You can build them out or use a decal. Building them out truly adds realism, so I decided to use them but without working LEDs in them. I filled the headlights with dummy LEDs to complete the look.

The rear wing and exhaust.

Here is the completed body along side the power plant I picked out for it!

I like how you can see the inboard front suspension through the windows.

I have been working in a workspace with crappy lighting, so I apologize for the poor quality of my progress pictures. Overall, the body took about 10 hours to complete. Working on the lexan body is my favorite part of any build! I am obsessed with making the car look the best it possibly can! I will work on the electronics between now and the weekend. Don’t worry, I will cut down those body posts as soon as I’m ready to run it!