Progress Pictures of my Tamiya TA06 Pro Build

Parts have been trickling in so I thought I’d start posting progress pictures of my build.

Parts, parts, parts:

Laying the parts bags out:

Building the rear differential:

The tub:

Assembling turnbuckles is the least favorite part of any build for me. Twisting a smooth shaft into molded plastic is no joke.

Rear differential and spur gear installed:

Getting the front end ready to house the front differential:

I like how Tamiya redesigned the swing shafts and axles. A spring clip holds them in place. In the past you would have to use loctite and a screw.

Front end suspension links:

Front and rear suspension arms fully assembled:

The second least favorite part of assembling any RC car is putting together the shocks. I find no pleasure in shock oil getting all over the place. Putting these together also requires twisting a smooth shaft into molded plastic. What a painful process!

Rear suspension complete:

Inboard front suspension complete:

I opted for Type A tires with soft inserts:

Front and rear ends complete! The electronics will be arriving this week. In the meantime, I will be working on getting the suspension straightened up. I will also start working on the lexan body.

So far, the build up to this point has been a lot of fun! I’d say I’ve spent about 4-5 hours so far, most of which was spent building 8 turnbuckles. There are at least 4 more to build 😦 for the steering system. You never get used to the raw feeling in your fingertips while building these cars. My fingers were so swollen from working all the small, tightly fit parts that I had to ice them before going to bed!

More progress pics to come…