Plans for my new RC build! (#58492 Tamiya TA06 Pro)

Well, after seven long years, Tamiya finally decided to release their next generation belt drive on road RC, the TA06 Pro! Last year, I mentioned my interest in this chassis, but decided that I would hold off on any RC purchases since I was into so many other hobbies at the time: PC builds, photography, etc. Well, we are well into 2012 and I decided to take the plunge!

I always loved Tamiya’s chassis and bodies. In fact with this build, I plan to continue the progression of using a Honda Super GT body. I built two Honda Raybrig NSX Super GT cars in the past. You might recall…

Here is the nitro powered TG10-Mk1 I built over a decade ago:

And here is the TA05-IFS I built back in 2008:

It just seems natural that I go with the latest Raybrig Honda Super GT car for this new build!

The Honda HSV-010 Super GT car is the replacement for the NSX Super GT cars of the past. Something about the styling and the paint jobs of these Honda GT cars has me hooked! Here is a video of the real Super GT car in action:

In any case, I plan on going all out with this build. I plan on making this a race legal runner with shelf queen appointments, although I probably won’t be racing because I stink. LOL But I will put the latest brushless and LiPo technology into it. Here is what I’m planning…

The chassis (Tamiya TA06 Pro):

I love the Inboard Front Suspension! They started this trend in the TA05-IFS and I’m glad they improved it for this chassis. This “Pro” kit already contains many of the hop ups that most racers want to utilize. The kit doesn’t come with tires nor did it include a body which I was totally OK with – this allowed me to pick the specific tire compounds (Type A sticky) and tire inserts (Soft) that I wanted. I’m going to set this chassis up for smooth pavement parking lots/asphalt.

The brushless motor system (Tekin RS ESC and with Tekin Redline 21.5T brushless sensored system, with programmable Hotwire interface):

I decided to stick with 21.5T after watching a bunch of youtube videos. 21.5T sounds slow if you are familiar with brushed systems…but on a brushless system, whoa!

The control system (Airtronics MX Sport):

Airtronics is tried and true. I used their systems with all my nitro RC trucks. No more crystals! Yay!

Hopefully my finished product will look something like this!

Most of my parts will be trickling in this next week. I hope to be in the mood to document my build. As I get older, I find that I am losing my patience with documenting (journaling) stuff. I am trying hard to keep at it because it’s always fun to look back. We’ll see how I feel! LOL


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  1. I hope you document it too. This is a hobby I’ve always wanted to break into, but have so far only dabbled with the inexpensive off-the-shelf cars. I’d love to try a build like you’re planning.

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