PC Water Cooling Maintenance

I replaced the water and tubing in my water cooled PC. It was a good time to look things over and do a little cleaning as well. I also decided to do some rerouting of the tubes to prevent kinking in the lines.



I was lazy and didn’t want to bring my rig to the garage. I did the maintenance in place and just made sure I had a TON of microfiber cloths with me!

I had to remove one of the video cards to get access to one of the motherboard fittings…

Changed tube color…

Tested for leaks, bled, and sealed up!

This is the only and probably the last time I do this on this rig! Next time I have to go through this it will likely be on a new computer. By that time, this rig will be well over 3 years old. I’m sure the blocks will be showing some corrosion, but more importantly, all of the technology will be outdated.


5 thoughts on “PC Water Cooling Maintenance

    • Corsair 700D with a Corsair 800D side window panel. This case is absolutely horrible for air cooled systems but great for water cooling.

  1. Recommended for water? Running an i7 WC at 4.6Ghz and saturday afternoon in Orgrimmar makes it a little warm 🙂

    • I highly recommend the 700D or 800D for watercooling. However I don’t think that will solve your problems since it sounds like your ambient temps may be causing your high temps. Also, I am very familiar with the Antec 900. If you are at 4.6 I hope you found a way to squeeze at least 3×120 somewhere. I know that box well and I’ve seen many get 2×120 inside but most have to put rads outside as well.

      • Yeah, 2 pcs in a room not much bigger than my desk with only 1, 1 x 1/2 foot window that opens, doesn’t scream cooling, the joys of kids wanting the big rooms 😉
        The water cooling is currently only on the cpu, thats got 2 x 120s on a single rad, its the 2 grap cards that are bringing the heat up I would guess.
        Well that and 4 HDs, 2 SSDs and a couple of opticals…

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