Playing with Light

I’m finally finding some free time to play around with the SB-910 and the 14-24mm lens I recently purchased! I’ve been doing a lot of reading on ways to use light and started playing around.

One of my RC cars gets to be my first test subject. It’s hard to believe I used to have over 24 RC cars!

The cake topper from our wedding almost 10 years ago (Our 10-year anniversary is June 1st!):

My favorite Warriors hat:

Here is the makeshift studio I created to take these shots (black Warriors t-shirt and a black laptop sleeve) LOL:

I didn’t know how easy it was to black out background light using creative combinations of shutter, aperture, and ISO. Truly awesome!

I can’t believe I went this long without a flash! It’s turning out to be a ton of fun to play with. Also, this 14-24mm lens is quickly becoming my favorite lens! I love the artistic capabilities of this lens.

…Ebay photos here I come! Haha!