Finally! Some D800 Shots!

I finally got my iMac back from repair so I was able to process some of my first photos out of my D800! I never knew 36MP would be so friggin awesome!

Here are a few shots I took. Keep in mind these are 50% JPG reductions. (BTW, I upgraded my Flickr account to Pro so if you want to pixel peep, you can see most of these images in full resolution. These were taken using the D800 with the 24-70mm f/2.8:

These are a few I shot in continuous DX Mode using my 70-200mm f/2.8 VRII and TC-20E III:

Not nearly as sharp since I hardly knew what I was doing but not bad for moving targets and handheld! AF with this setup is a total joy!

I also did a few resolution tests. Again, these are JPG 50% reductions. I had to reduce these files to be able to post it to my blog! So here is a shot I took with 36MP (reduced to 18MP):

Cropped to a 3MP frame (reduced to 1.5MP):

Cropped to a 1MP frame (reduced to .5MP):

Here is a picture that SheryAnne took of me taking the picture of that pigeon:

This was the first time I used my Think Tank Shape Shifter. As you can see above, it’s relatively compact considering I had it packed this way:

I had every piece of camera gear I own in that backpack today!

Here is another picture with the same crops:

I’m still shocked at the image quality coming from this 36MP sensor! So, in the end, the tools are great, now I just need to work on my photography LOL!


2 thoughts on “Finally! Some D800 Shots!

  1. Awesome! – Keep them coming 🙂

    I’d like to see how it performs in low-light.

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