Nikon D800

Official launch day of the Nikon D800! Here are some camera porn shots of my new toy:


7 thoughts on “Nikon D800

  1. Where’d you get it from? First impressions? My amazon order keeps getting pushed back…

    • I have an Amazon preorder from Feb 6th minutes after they opened preordering. Up until now, it still says “Not Yet Shipped”. I was reading how people on DPReview were able to walk into Best Buy and pick one up. So I called up my local BB (Dublin, CA) and they had one left! The CSR said they received two of them in that store and all the BBs in all of the bay area totaled a dozen.

      Since it wasn’t clear when Amazon and BH was going to ship, I figured I would pay the $260 in tax and have it now rather than deal with the unknown. Besides with BB you will get about $60 back in reward points and you will automatically be upgraded to Premier Status since you will be purchasing over $2500 in a calendar year.

      So in the end it wasn’t all that much more…and I can have it now rather than later!

    • Oh and first impressions? Wow – the ergonomics are fantastic! The menus and viewfinder are very familiar since I come from a long history of using Nikon gear. I haven’t had a chance to shoot anything yet. I only spent about an hour going through the menus. Maybe in a few days I will post some shots and provide some of my insight.

  2. i’ve got to try BB tomorrow. I’ve been reading the same threads, almost seems too easy. BB seems to be the only place “real” people can find them right now…

    • I spoke to a few CSRs … they will be happy to share the days they get shipments in. My BB receives shipments every Tue, Thu, and Sun. But I would call every day…you just never know!

    • Thanks, Dom! I can’t wait to see pics out of it too! Haha. My inlaws were in town all weekend and also my iMac needs repair. So it wasn’t meant to be this weekend!

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