Mullin’s #17 Jersey Retirement :(

I’m pissed that the crowd AND Lacob ruined Mullin’s special day.

1. Regardless of the fans’ dissatisfaction with Lacob, it was Mully’s night and the fans shouldn’t have destroyed his jersey retirement ceremony.
2. Lacob was an idiot for thinking it was a good idea to be the last speaker at the ceremony. He should have spoken first or simply not have spoken at all.
3. Lacob is the only reason we are able to retire Mullin’s jersey. Cohan regime didn’t give a rats ass about Mullin and gave him the shaft.
4. I liked the trade and it seems like the majority of Warriors fan do too. I think the booing came from all the flat-brimmed hat wearing, under 30 crowd. Most of them like to boo just to boo.
5. The “greatest fans in the NBA” …I don’t think so.

In the end, it was all bad timing on everyone’s part. And for the record, I wasn’t booing. And I was pleading to those around me who were, to stop.

As a HUGE Mullin fan, and a die-hard Warrior fan, I was really gutted when this happened. Almost brought me to tears – no joke. Mullin acted with class and tried to save Lacob…and when you thought the situation couldn’t get worse, booya, Rick Barry makes an ass of himself and retaliates to the fans.

Ugh…such an un-proud moment. I was just telling SheryAnne that I was really looking forward to this ceremony as it would probably be one of the few “jersey retirements” we would see in our lifetimes. What a mess.


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