Disneyland – President’s Weekend

Another magical weekend at Disneyland!

We met up with our cousins, Reggie (@eatntae, G+), Robyn (G+), Shaun, Stephen (@pnoychillin, G+), and Maria (G+)!

I can’t believe we went the entire weekend without a group shot! Ooops! Update: Here is a group shot from the weekend:

(Reggie, thanks for sending me this photo! Too bad I won’t pay $15 for the full resolution original, especially since the photographer “was in training.” I think Stephen was the only one that wasn’t acting on this shot! I bought him a Hollywood Tower pin to always remind him how much he LOVED this ride!)

It was an eat fest! We had a TON of desserts throughout the weekend since the Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe on Main Street just opened up! The best moment of the weekend was watching fireworks while eating the ever-popular Fried Chicken at Plaza Inn! I would argue that it’s the best fried chicken I have ever had!

Pin buying (not trading), Vinylmation, getting frisked by Storm Troopers, Plaza Inn Chicken, Fireworks, Bacon-Cheddar Popcorn, Mint Julep, Eric 😉 Beignets, hanging out with family and friends – what more could anyone ask for? We even had a family dinner at Corn Dog Castle – it was awesome!


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