Buh-bye Nikon D7000

A farewell to a great camera! I’m selling it off to help fund my recent D800 purchase! It’s a great camera, but it was a compromise for me since day one. I wanted a prosumer camera last year but bought the D7000 as an interim camera until Nikon released replacements for the D700 or the D300s. Somewhere along the line, I decided that I wanted to go full-frame so the wait was on for the D700 replacement. While waiting, I started to acquire the glass for it. With my pending order for the D800, I will be a lot closer to getting all the hardware I want to own. The Nikon D7000 has been extremely hard to get these past few months (out of stock everywhere) so I felt it was a good time to maximize my return.

Here is my listing (SOLD!) And here are some pictures:


6 thoughts on “Buh-bye Nikon D7000

  1. Man, if I didn’t have so many DX lenses, I’d upgrade with you guys…just can’t justify the cost as of now. I’ll probably have to settle with using your cameras…lol!!!

    • The D800 is a perfect upgrade for you since DX Mode will still give you a ridiculous resolution of 15 MP!!! It would make for a great transitional camera! Hahaha – but, yah, I know.

  2. Yes sold my D7000 today
    now next to the next camera
    Dome I was thinking of not selling mine too but when I saw that I can shoot in DX mode at 15mp its still like having my D7000, Plus I bought the D7000 for about $1700 at costco and sold the 18-200 lens for $650 and sold the camera for $1300 its like I used the camera for 1 year for almost free

  3. Hahaha…very tempting guys!!! Making me want to upgrade more and more…I’ll probably utilize my d300s a bit more and maybe run a comparison with your cameras before I move to the dark side…lol!!!

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