Busy in a good way!

I have been very busy this past month: I returned to a 40-hour schedule at work (yay!) and we have been attending Warrior games regularly. With the Warriors’ compressed schedule it’s as if we are going to a game almost every other day! What little time we have left is spent cooking, cleaning, and sleeping!

I have been more active on Instagram, Google+, and Twitter, so if you want to keep up, just follow me on any of those networks.

Today, we stopped by Bakesale Betty to pick up some of those legendary chicken sandwiches! We brought them to the California Academy of Sciences for lunch and then we walked around Golden Gate Park to get some exercise. It was a good day to continue my quest of learning photography, so I brought my DSLR with me. Here are a few photos I took:

I have been “trying” to fulfill Christina’s 30-day Photography Challenge. It’s been a lot of fun but I didn’t realize how hard it was to take a photo every day! Please join – we aren’t being strict about actually posting a new photo every day – just try to post if and when you can!

Our four-year old Keurig coffee maker recently broke down. We replaced it with a CBTL brewer which can also do espresso drinks! We have been enjoying macchiatos, mocha lattes, vanilla lattes, cappuccinos…you name it, this brewer can make it! Oh and coffee too LOL! You may think I’m smoking crack, but the drinks that this machine makes actually taste better than the drinks made in their coffee shops! I KID YOU NOT! Here are some Instagrams I took of some of the drinks I made: affogato, vanilla latte, mocha latte, macchiato!

This next week will be filled with excitement for me since I have been waiting for Nikon to release their latest full-frame camera, the D800. I’ve been waiting over a year for this announcement which is supposed to occur on Tuesday!

I’ll try to get back to a regular routine of posting! Ciao