I brought my V1 to a game to take a few videos. I didn’t take any pictures. Unfortunately you cannot use a flash and you are limited to lenses that are less than 3″ in length. Pretty lame. Handheld shots are near impossible so I didn’t even bother since it was relatively dark.

Here are the Flying Dubs:

Drunk fan sitting near us:

And yes, we lost. Friggin’ Dubs!


4 thoughts on “Dubs

    • Yup and they are very strict. They inspect the cameras as you walk in. They even make you turn on the camera etc. They are tighter than the airports lol.

  1. Wow, that’s the first I’ve heard of that. I wonder if that’s a rule at every pro sporting event?

    • I think every venue has a different set of rules. I suspect the policy has more to do with being able to conceal something inside a fake camera body and lens. No backpacks, large purses, or bags are allowed. I guess it’s also because of “Oakland.” LOL

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