Nikon V1 after a few weeks of shooting…

I’ve had the Nikon V1 for a few weeks now. After about a thousand shots, I’m finally starting to get a good understanding of this camera’s capabilities along with its limitations. My expectations were very humble given the sensor size, but as I am learning the system and taking more shots I found that this camera can really be pushed beyond the capabilities of cameras with significantly larger sensor sizes. In my humble opinion, the overall image quality exceeds most micro four-thirds cameras on the market today. Here are some samples I took today:

Statue at the Legion of Honor:

World Peace Monument near the Legion of Honor:

Bernini’s Medusa at the Legion of Honor:

The Nikon V1 is performing way beyond my expectations! I can’t wait for more accessories to be released. And because I have been so impressed with it’s performance, I may pick up the 30-100mm lens just to expand it’s capabilities even further!