The “Merriest” Place on Earth!

Sleeping Beauty Castle decorated for the holidays:

SheryAnne’s J1 with a wide angle lens is awesome! She must have been standing about 10 feet away from me! That tree is about 4 stories high!

Breakfast at Carnation Cafe:

Tree lighting – same tree I was standing next to in the other picture:

We traded some of the Vinylmation figures we had repeats of for these:

Naturally, we grabbed more pins!

Obligatory hot-link corn dog at Corn Dog Castle:

We thought were going to OWN the Space Mountain picture. Apparently, the couple in front of us have been on the ride way more than we have! LOL Classic!


1 thought on “The “Merriest” Place on Earth!

  1. I lol’d at the space mountain pic haha! Goodness, Disneyland is gorgeous decorated for the holidays isn’t it? I wish me and Dave could’ve stayed til night but it was freezing..a bit too cold for Vivi last week…plus we didn’t bring jackets cuz it was warm during the day.

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