Shoot the Moon

I finally had a decent opportunity to shoot the Moon! The sky was clear and crisp after a long day of wind and rain. I didn’t realize how difficult it was to shoot the Moon until now! I took about 65 shots varying shutter speed, ISO, and aperture. The best shot I came up with came from shooting at 600mm ISO 100 0.4s f/40.

It’s difficult to tell if the lack of clarity was from my exposure settings or if it was from the distortions created by the atmosphere. In any case, I was pretty pleased with the results and look forward to trying again on a full moon or sliver crescent.


2 thoughts on “Shoot the Moon

  1. Nice shot! I really like the partial moon shot with the shadow. I definitely agree with how difficult it is to shoot the moon. I think I had about the same number of shots before I found one I liked. Good stuff man.

    • Thanks, Dom! I never thought I would have to mess with extreme settings, although it kind of made sense logically – super bright subject, with a super dark background. Who would have thought an aperture of f/40 or even f/45 would be able to produce anything useable?

      TC has been fun to use. On a tripod, it’s nails. Handheld at high focal lengths has been a fun challenge.

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