Siri cracks me up…

The iPhone 4S comes with a voice-activated personal assistant named Siri. Siri will take action to pretty much any spoken request.

Siri can schedule appointments, text message, find the nearest mexican restaurants, make reservations, etc…all the practical things you would want it to do. Heck it can even do math equations (for real). But that’s no fun. Here are a few more colorful interactions with Siri:

If you have any specific questions you want to ask Siri, just post them in the comments and I will let you know what Siri says!


8 thoughts on “Siri cracks me up…

  1. Some funny Siri stuff from the “This is my next” Podcast. Ask it “Where do I hide a dead body?” and “Srini, I am horny” see what the responses are.

    • Yah man, Josh Topolsky figured out a bunch of the easter eggs already. I hope they expand and improve the database. It’s quite fun to mess with it. Did not know you follow This is my next… or verge 🙂 You are a true geek.

      Josh, Nilay and Paul are some of my favorite tech writers out there. Engadget blows without them. But at least they started all over again. AOL really does ruin whatever they aquire.

  2. Yeah, I listen to a bunch of tech Podcasts on my horrendous commute. Helps past the time on the road. I started listening to the crew when they were at Engadget and continued listening to them when the started This is my next… I like listening to the TWIT stuff too.

    As for the iPhone 4S its a really nice phone. Melissa picked one up to replace her Palm Pre… huge upgrade for her. I’m itching to get one too, but I’m not eligible for and upgrade until December. The Galaxy Nexus looks pretty nice too, I’m a current Android user. I doubt that it will be able to compete with the iphone’s camera, which may sway my decision in its direction, but I still have a while to play around with both to see which one I decide to throw down money on.

    • The galaxy nexus looks super dope. Seems like google is doing the right thing by trying to unify all handsets with Ice cream sandwich. The only drawback i find with the nexus is that its friggin HUGE. But many find the iphone’s smaller size a drawback as well. But if melissa has an iphone, there is really something to say about getting the same phone for yourself because of facetime and imessage.

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