We’re new Audi owners!

John not wanting me to let go of my M3…

The last glimpse of the M3 as we drive away in our A4!

Thanks, again, John for lending me your jack, helping me swap my rims and keeping us company on the transaction! Maybe we can have a yokum!

Believe it or not, I loved the M3, but I don’t think I’ll miss it. Great car, fantastic stying…just seriously impractical as a daily driver.

I’m done with convertibles, now back to 4 doors!

Some Specs:
Audi A4 2.0L Turbo Quattro
S Line Package – Sport suspension, S Line grills, bumpers and body kit, badging
S Line Titanium Package – 18″ 15-spoke rims, Piano black trim inside and out
Convenience Package
All Wheel Drive
Tiptronic with Paddle Shifters
Card Readers (MP3)
6 CD Changer (MP3)
And a whole lot of other Booya items lol

More pics to come…


8 thoughts on “We’re new Audi owners!

  1. NOOOOOOOOOO….j/k. I’m kinda sad that you got rid of the M though. Oh well. Congrats on the new purchase!!!! I hope that you get much enjoyment out of it. 🙂

  2. I was getting pretty close to having to deal with issues with all the weather seals and soft top. Plus it was time to replace tires again as well. It performed superbly as a daily driver, but overall practicality was bunk. I’ll be getting twice as much mileage per gallon as well.

    I hope I like it too! Hopefully this won’t be another Acura TL story!

  3. Man…I didn’t get any sleep last night…

    I was setting up Bluetooth (and all the features work with my phone!!!)

    I was getting familiar with the Nav interface.

    I was adjusting the audio system to my liking.

    So many gadgets and features! It’s going to be hard to get used to the interface since I am so used to the way BMWs work.

    Audi seems to do things a bit different…not bad, not good, but simply different…

    As an example…it has power folding mirrors…but it doesn’t have reverse tilt.

    It has lumbar support, but no seat memory and only manual headrest adjustments.

    It has cupholders, and ash tray, but no sunglasses storage.

    There are lots of features that our “partially” loaded 5-series has that our “fully” loaded A4 doesn’t have.

    I guess thats why you pay an extra 10k for a similarly equipped bimmer.

  4. this maybe the precursor to a “real” sports car in the future now that I have a daily driver.

    I still have the volks … they will be up for sale as soon as I clean up my garage.

  5. I think this is just a precursor to Rex buying the Porsche. Welcome to the VW/Audi/Porsche/Lamborghini family!!!

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